UPC Lingshan Island Deep Earth Laboratory Established


    On Oct. 15, Lingshan Island Deep Earth Laboratory and the No.1 Scientific Exploration Well Opening Ceremony was held. Cao Yingchang, the vice president of UPC, hosted the ceremony, and the president Hao Fang announced the beginning of project. 

    It is reported that the designed well depth is 1200m with a hole diameter of 95mm. The well is drilled by the No.8 team of Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources. This is the first scientific well that drill through the cretaceous marine facies formation in north China. This project is sponsored by the Department of science & technology of Shandong province, and supported by the People’s government of the Huangdao district.

    The project is divided into two stages. In the first stage, through the core analysis the team will determine the early cretaceous sedimentation record of East part of Shandong province. In the second stage, the team will build a laboratory to observe and receive the chemistry physics and biological signals by using the deep well space.

    The establishment of the laboratory will become a key scientific facility of deep earth research. In addition it will also provide key information to reveal the structure and component of the continental crust, the principle of mineralization and the early warning of deep earth disaster, and make a contribution to the Shandong’s economic development.

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