Payment and Incentive

  • Payment and Incentive

    We provide the opportunity to the young scholars who have reached the intention of application for the national Thousand Talents Program youth program, and the candidates will enjoy the excellent working and living conditions provided by the country, the local government and UPC.

    1. State-level and local incentive: the state provides research funds of 1-3 million yuan and one-time subsidy for 500,000 yuan; a one-time subsidy of 500,000 yuan provided by Shandong province; Qingdao Municipal Government. provides a one-time subsidy of 250,000 yuan; after being identified as the top talent by the West Coast New Zone, the local government provides a home subsidy of 500,000 yuan.

    2.UPC payment and incentive: assist establish academic team, prepare research start-up fund and discipline construction fund of RMB 1-3 million yuan. Provide internationally competitive remuneration package and one-time allowance. To recruit professor positions of level 3 or 4, authorize to be a doctoral supervisor, index of postgraduate enrollment exclusively, provide the necessary laboratory, office and other teaching and scientific research conditions; assist to arrange the spouse's work and assist the minor children to go to kindergarten and school.

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