UPC Joined in the University Alliance of OBOR


    Recently, University Presidents Forum of UAB&R (University Alliance of OBOR) in 2017 was held in Dunhuang City. During this period, China University of Petroleum was officially approved by UAB&R to be a member of University Alliance of OBOR.

    The alliance was formed in Dunhuang City at 17th of October 2015, co-founded by 46 domestic and overseas universities, Fundan University, Beijing Normal University, Lanzhou University, Ural State University of Economics (Russia), and Pukyong National University(South Korea) etc. Built on the concept of “Connectivity, Openness and Inclusiveness, Collaborative Innovation and Mutual Benefit”, the alliance has made strong efforts to community of higher education which would promote all-round cooperation in education, science, culture among universities and foster high-quality talents with international perspective so that they can serve for the social and economic of the regions and countries along the route. In 2017, 22 more universities including Deakin University(Australia), Ain Shams University(Egypt), Petroleum and Polytechnic University(Azerbaijan), Fort Hays State University(US), Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, Minzu University of China, Ocean University of China,  University of Science and Technology Beijing and China University of Petroleum(East China). The members of the alliance has totaled to 148, covering 27 countries and 6 continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, Nouth America and South America.

    The join of UABR will further drive the win-win cooperation and exchange with brother universities along the route and boost first-rate discipline construction of the university.  

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